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What You Need to Know About Botox for Men's Forehead

Botox injection as an anti-aging injectable treatment is now more popular than ever. In 2018, there were more than 7 million procedures performed - and that’s in the United States alone! 

While women are thought of as the primary market for Botox treatments, the number of men using Botox (or “Brotox” as it is known) has risen greatly. In the U.S., more than half a million Botox injections are done on men every year. Forehead creases are among the common areas of concern for men, along with frown furrows and crow’s feet. 

Erase Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles Today

Botox has never been easier than it is today, and with Evolve Med Spa, we can inject away your signs of aging in no time.

Rising Popularity of Botox for Men

An increasing number of men are getting Botox and other cosmetic procedures. The common factors that contribute to the rising popularity of Botulinum toxin among men are workplace competitiveness, social media, and the need to please their partners.

Many men now want to become competitive in the office, especially against their younger co-workers. This means maintaining a youthful appearance. Botox is an easy fix to get rid of the forehead creases and other wrinkles that can age their appearance. Particularly with the increase in Zoom or other online video meetings post-COVID, many men are seeing themselves close up for long periods of time which leads them to scrutinizing themselves in ways they may not have been previously. Social media and online dating apps are a huge factor too, as men are starting to become more conscious of how they look in their profiles. 

Popular Injection Sites for Men

The most common areas for men’s Botox injections are in the corners of the eyes to prevent crow’s feet, between the eyebrows to target frown lines, and in the forehead to reduce creases.

Beyond the treatment of facial wrinkles, men also commonly get Botox to treat excessive sweating. 

Benefits of Botox for Men's Forehead Treatment

Portrait of happy mature man wearing spectacles and looking at camera outdoor

Creases on the forehead due to muscle contraction (which is responsible for facial lines and facial expression) can greatly age one’s appearance.

Here are some of the benefits that men can expect to get from having Botox injections done on their forehead wrinkles and the rest of their faces:

  • Reduced static and dynamic wrinkles – Botox treatment can lessen the appearance of forehead creases, crow’s feet, and frown lines for a more youthful look. The injections target the muscles that cause the wrinkles to form and temporarily reduce the muscles from contracting. This makes your skin look smoother and less creased. If you get started early with your Botox maintenance, you can actually prevent the wrinkles from forming in the first place.
  • Relaxed muscles – Botox is actually originally intended as a treatment for spasms and stiffness by helping the muscles relax. Constant squinting, grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can cause discomfort. By relaxing the muscles that cause these actions, you can reduce headaches or other areas of tension. 
  • Less sweating – Some men are more prone to excessive sweating - some to the point that it can be an embarrassment for them. Botox can help deal with the unsightly stains and moist palms that come with excessive sweating, not to mention the smell of stress sweat along with it. Botox can target these problem areas, by paralyzing the sweat glands in the injection site which will reduce the amount of sweat produced in that spot. 
  • Improved self-confidence – all this boils down to boosting your self-confidence. When people feel confident they always look their best. 

How Men Can Use Preventative Botox the Right way

If Botox is new for you, here’s what to know: 

  • Find the right provider – do your research and only look for a provider who is experienced and well-regarded in the industry. 
  • Men often make the mistake of having just their glabella (the furrowed area between their brow) done, but you will still have wrinkles around your forehead and eyes if you focus on that area only. 
  • Men will often require more units of Botox injectables than women because of their bigger and stronger facial muscles 
  • Know which area to target – while you should treat other areas aside from the glabella, you don’t need to fix those lines that make you look happy. Make sure you communicate with your provider to discuss what you results you ultimately want.

Are you looking for the perfect “Brotox” provider for smoothing your horizontal forehead lines, crow's feet, smile line, and glabellar lines? How about treating your excessive sweating, as well as other solutions for facial aging such as dermal filler (and other facial fillers)? Let Evolve Med Spa help you out.

As a trusted name in cosmetic treatment in New Jersey and nearby areas, Evolve Med Spa provides personalized treatments to help you achieve your individual goal, whether it’s treating your skin with high-grade medical solutions or body contouring services to give you your desired aesthetic. Call now and start working towards younger, wrinkle-free skin. 

Erase Your Fine Lines and Wrinkles Today

Botox has never been easier than it is today, and with Evolve Med Spa, we can inject away your signs of aging in no time.

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