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Next level skincare with The Growth Factor Cream from Unapologetically You

Introducing the skincare masterpiece – Growth Factor Cream by Unapologetically You. This unique formulation, carefully crafted by Evolve Med Spa's skincare experts, blends human growth factors, antioxidants, and a peptide complex to redefine your skincare experience. Unlock the secrets to combating aging, enhancing collagen production, and restoring your skin's youthful vitality.

Key Features of Growth Factor Cream:

  1. Patented HumiGrowth® Technology:
    Step into the realm of revolutionary skincare with HumiGrowth® technology. Unapologetically You's Growth Factor Cream harnesses the power of human growth factors, antioxidants, and a peptide complex synergistically, creating a skincare experience like no other.
  2. Tyrosinase Inhibition for UV Protection:
    Empower your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. Growth Factor Cream contains an ester of ascorbic acid that inhibits tyrosinase activity, providing UVA/UVB protection and reducing melanin synthesis by up to 80%. Elevate your defense against environmental stressors.
  3. Potent Antioxidants and Radical Scavengers:
    Protect your skin surface lipids (SSL) with the mighty shield of powerful antioxidants. Growth Factor Cream acts as a guardian, defending against oxidative stress and fortifying the skin barrier function. Embrace the journey to ageless beauty with resilience.
  4. Tripeptide Complex for Collagen Synthesis:
    Unleash the magic of a tripeptide complex that mirrors the body's natural mechanism for collagen production. This unique blend works synergistically to enhance collagen and elastin synthesis, promoting skin firmness and a rejuvenated complexion.
  5. Skin Hydration and Restoration:
    Growth Factor Cream doesn't just stop at anti-aging – it goes further to replenish essential fatty acids needed for skin hydration. Immerse your skin in a luxurious blend that restores suppleness, leaving behind a smooth, radiant appearance.
  6. Overall Complexion Improvement:
    Experience a transformation in your skin's overall appearance and firmness. Growth Factor Cream by Unapologetically You works harmoniously to elevate your complexion, infusing radiance and vitality with every application.

Age Like a Pro with Unapologetically You

Embrace the journey of aging like a pro with Growth Factor Cream from Unapologetically You skincare. This exquisite formulation is a testament to Evolve Med Spa's commitment to excellence. Pamper your skin with the best in anti-aging technology, and let Unapologetically You redefine your skincare ritual. Elevate, rejuvenate, and celebrate the ageless beauty within you.

Look your best, feel confident, and be unapologetically you.

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