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Achieve a brighter and healthier skin with DiamondGlow Facials

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Renew your skin with the award-winning DiamondGlow Facial

Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and age spots – these are only some of the dreaded skin concerns that start to show because of sun damage and aging skin. Topical cosmetic serums, creams, and other skin care products hardly work in restoring the glow and radiance of dull skin, which is why it’s better to try a trusted medical aesthetics treatment like Diamond Glow facial.

New Beauty award winner: Best Exfoliating Facial.

So how does Diamond Glow facial work in renewing the skin? This revolutionary treatment utilizes 3-in-1 technology to produce the best results. The special exfoliation device removes dead skin cells in the outer layer of the damaged skin first. It then draws the debris to keep the pores clean before the serum infusion stage. Lastly, the device delivers professional grade serum to nourish and improve skin condition.

Get the best results and an exceptional med-aesthetic experience at Evolve Med Spa now. Our highly trained providers use medical-grade tools and the best techniques to renew the skin for a brighter and healthier appearance.

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How Diamond Glow Facial Can Be Used

Aside from being an effective facial rejuvenation treatment by itself, Diamond Glow facial is also used for a variety of cutting-edge procedures and combined treatments to achieve the best results. Some of the best cosmetic procedures to try with Diamond Glow facial are:

  • LED Light Therapy – This newly-developed acne treatment also works for a multitude of skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and sunspots. It also stimulates the body’s production of collagen and elastin for an even skin tone and firm skin texture. Combining this facial treatment with Diamond Glow facial gives clients better results regardless of their skin type.

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond Glow Facial

Q: What’s the difference between Diamond Glow facial and microdermabrasion?
A: These two treatments are often confused with each other because they both involve exfoliating the outer dermis to reveal a smoother layer of the skin. The main difference between them is the device used during the treatment – DiamondGlow uses a special device with a diamond tip and controlled vacuum pressure, while microdermabrasion utilizes a device that blasts particles against the skin to effectively exfoliate the damaged layer.

Q: How is a Diamond Glow facial different from a chemical peel?
A: Chemical peels and Diamond Glow facial both use medical-grade serums to improve the condition of the skin. But what sets them apart is how the serum is applied and what it does on the skin. Chemical peel exfoliation solutions are applied directly on the skin using a cotton-tipped applicator, while Diamond Glow treatment requires a special diamond-tipped device to apply to skin nourishing serum.

Q: How should I care for the skin after a Diamond Glow treatment?
A: Although the treatment has no downtime, clients still experience slight pain and sensitivity in the treatment areas. A facial massage helps soothe the pain, but make sure to do it gently. There’s also a list of things to avoid after the procedure to prevent irritating the skin, such as waxing and laser hair removal.

Is DiamondGlow Treatment the Right Pick For You?

While Diamond Glow facial is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment, it might not be the best procedure for everyone. You’re qualified for a Diamond Glow treatment if:

  • You understand everything you need to know about Diamond Glow facial: Like other cosmetic treatments, Diamond Glow facial also comes with certain risks. Knowing about these complications and other important details about the treatment helps clients make informed decisions when it comes to enhancing their appearance.

Evolve Med Spa is a trusted center when it comes to safe and effective Diamond Glow treatments and other non-surgical procedures for the face and body. All of our services are performed by our expert staff inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure each client’s comfort and safety at all times.

Here at Evolve Med Spa, we’re dedicated to providing the care and treatment that our clients deserve to help them regain their confidence and enhance their appearance. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation with one of the top cosmetic experts in the state.

Expert Diamond Glow Treatments and Client-Centered Care by Evolve Med Spa

Achieve a brighter and healthier skin with DiamondGlow Facials at Evolve Med Spa

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