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Hair Restoration

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Say Goodbye to Hair Loss With Hair Restoration at Evolve Med Spa

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Many men and women experience hair loss when they age as a result of different factors. While there are a variety of home treatments and over-the-counter products that claim to address hair loss, these don’t provide permanent solutions to the problem. With hair restoration, clients can now say goodbye to hair loss and have an effective, long-term solution for their receding hairline. Some of the most common hair regrowth treatments are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Neograft hair restoration.

So how does our hair restoration treatment address hair loss? There are different hair restoration and hair transplant methods, and your preferred method will determine the treatment plan. Most hair restoration procedures involve the harvesting of healthy hair follicles from the donor hair area and implanting the harvested follicles on thinning, balding areas of the scalp. 

Evolve Med Spa: Your Number One Center for Hair Restoration Treatments

All hair restoration services must include a thorough and accurate assessment of a person’s scalp beforehand so that a professional can create a custom plan that offers the best results possible. Here at Evolve Med Spa, we have a team of professionals you may consult with to know more about your condition. You will then receive a personalized hair transplant treatment plan that effectively treats hair loss. 

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss With Hair Restoration at Evolve Med Spa

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The Hair Restoration Experience at Evolve Med Spa 

  • Before: Before a hair restoration treatment, you must consult with one of our team members so that they can assess the severity of your hair loss. After the assessment, the provider will come up with a personalized treatment plan. This consultation also allows you to discuss your goals and expectations for the treatment.  
  • During: During the FUE hair transplant or Neograft procedure, you will lie down comfortably on a chair while a medical professional extracts healthy hair follicles from donor areas. Common donor areas include the sides and the back of the head, where healthy hair is growing. After the healthy hair follicle is successfully extracted, the provider creates small holes in your scalp and grafts the individual hair follicles. 
  • After: Hair restoration services usually require significant downtime so that the client can achieve amazing results. Your provider may prescribe some over-the-counter medication to help with the pain or soreness you experience on the transplant site. 

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss With Hair Restoration at Evolve Med Spa

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Myth: Only Men Can Receive Hair Restoration Treatments

Hair restoration treatments are designed to effectively address hair loss in both men and women. Some people may believe that only men can receive hair restoration treatments because men are more prone to hair loss. In reality, both men and women experience hair loss within their lifetime.  

Fact: You Need to Wait for Hair Restoration’s Final Results

Hair restoration treatments don’t yield immediate results because you still have to wait for the implanted hair follicles to grow. Clients will also experience a “sleeping phase” or “shock phase” where the transplanted hair usually falls off after three weeks. Initial results of a hair restoration surgery take up to five months to show up, and the clients can expect the full results at around one and a half years after their appointment. 

Fact: Genetics Is One of the Main Causes of Baldness

Genetics plays a huge role in hair loss and thinning hair. This factor can determine the severity of hair loss and whether a person will experience hair loss earlier or later in their lifetime. The condition is called androgenic alopecia or androgenetic alopecia, which is also known as male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness. Aside from genetics, other factors that cause baldness include stress, hormonal imbalance, and taking certain medication. 

FAQs About Hair Restoration 

Q: Are Hair Restoration Results Permanent?

A: Yes, the results from hair restoration are long-lasting and are usually considered permanent. Those who receive a hair transplant procedure can enjoy their full and voluminous hair forever. However, clients should keep in mind that the results of a hair transplant take some time to be visible, so it’s important to be client to see its full effects. And although the healthy hair follicles will continue to grow throughout your lifetime, you may still experience some hair thinning on the transplanted area.  

Q: Can Hair Restoration Be Performed on Facial Hair?

A: Hair restoration services can be performed on the face. It can also effectively address hair loss in the eyebrows or beard area. Similar to hair restoration services for the head, the provider will also harvest healthy hair follicles from donor areas on the scalp. 

Q: When Can I Wash My Hair After the Treatment?

A: Clients are advised to not wash their hair for at least 48 hours after their hair restoration appointment. When washing your hair, remember to use lukewarm water and avoid excessive water pressure on the transplanted area. It’s also important to clean your scalp regularly (according to your provider’s instructions) to facilitate healing and to achieve excellent results. 

Is Hair Restoration The Right Pick For You? 

Though hair restoration is an excellent treatment for those suffering from hair loss, it may not be the best solution for everyone. You’re qualified for a hair restoration procedure if:

  • You fall under the correct hair loss classification: Ideal candidates for hair restoration treatments must have a hair loss classification that has progressed to class 3 or above on the Norwood Scale. Those who have been experiencing male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness for at least 5 years are also ideal candidates. 
  • You have healthy hair follicles growing on donor areas: Remember that you should have healthy hair follicles that are growing on donor areas to be eligible for the treatment. If this isn’t the case, your medical provider may suggest an alternative procedure to address the hair loss. 
  • You fully understand the treatment and are ready to commit to its aftercare: Hair transplant surgery requires extensive aftercare and doesn’t produce immediate results. This means that you should always follow your provider’s advice when it comes to taking care of the treated area. 

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss With Hair Restoration at Evolve Med Spa

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Expert Hair Restoration Treatments and Client-Centered Care by Evolve Med Spa 

Evolve is one of the most trusted Aesthetic Med Spas for safe and effective hair restoration treatments. Our team consists of expert staff who use the latest technology in hair restoration to deliver amazing results. 

Book your consultation with us today to know more about hair restoration and whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment. We welcome all your questions about the procedure and our other med-aesthetic services. 

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