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Benefits of Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a type of injection that is used to enhance the appearance of your lips. 

Millions of people every year choose to have a lip filler procedure to increase the size and volume of their lips. You might want to change the look of your lips for many reasons such as restoring a more youthful lip size. 

As we age, our lips may become thinner and our philtrum, which is the groove between your upper lip and septum, may appear longer or flatter. The distance between the corners of your mouth may also increase. Dermal lip fillers work to correct these changes, increase size, and reduce asymmetry. Fillers can also reduce the look of a “gummy” smile. 

When we smile and laugh, we develop wrinkles on the sides of our mouth, dermal lip fillers can reduce the look of the lines, boosting your self-confidence and delaying the need for more invasive treatments. Although they can’t stop the aging process, fillers can restore the look and feel of the lips we had in our youth.

Dermal Fillers contain synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance that your body produces. Hyaluronic acid fillers can improve the shape and rejuvenate your lips by restoring and creating volume, and structure.

Advanced Practice Providers (NP, PA, MD, DO) 

At Evolve Med Spa, each of our master injectors are Advanced Practice Medical Providers who create natural looking results, so you’ll never have the overexaggerated unnatural look of “having your lips done”.

Our clinical director is a national trainer for a leading injectable brand, Galderma, teaching Evolve team members and other practices across the United States the art of injectables including lip fillers. Our injectors are an exceptionally skilled team of Nurse Practitioners and Physician providers – no need to visit a Doctor’s office!

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Personalized Treatment Experience

Our practitioners know that the shape of your face is important to the overall look of your lips, and your Evolve healthcare provider will evaluate your face, any risk factors, and your general health before performing any procedure. During your lip filler procedure, you can choose to apply a topical anesthetic to numb your lips and make you as comfortable as possible. 

You can feel confident that when you choose to have your lip procedure performed at Evolve, you’ll be thrilled with your natural looking results.

Types of Lip Fillers

At Evolve Med Spa, we offer only FDA approved lip filler brands, proven to be safe, with a natural feel and look, and made perfect for your pout. Ask your certified master injector which choice is best for you, and rest assured that you’ll never have to worry - your treatments will be performed using the best products available anywhere.  We now offer several choices in lip fillers including Restylane, Juvéderm, and Versa. 

Lip Membership at Evolve Med Spa 

Now you can keep your perfectly full and rejuvenated lips, just the way you love them- all year long.  Evolve Med Spa offers a $19/month Lip membership. Learn more here and schedule your treatment today!

What is a Lip Flip?

Evolve Med Spa offers the popular lip enhancement procedure that uses a micro dose of Botox instead of fillers. Aside from being an effective cosmetic treatment for reducing the look of wrinkles and more, Botox injections are also used as an alternative for those who want to improve their lip cupid’s bow, or to create a fuller pout. Many people are choosing the Lip Flip for a fast and easy way to safely rejuvenate the look of their lips. To learn more about Botox at Evolve Med Spa, click here.

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