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Chin Augmentation Fillers: Non Surgical Chin Augmentation For A Better Jawline

Having a weak chin or soft jawline can have a surprising effect on the rest of your face - it can make your nose look larger, your cheeks less full, or your facial proportion uneven. Normally, facial plastic surgery was the answer for the jawline augmentation needed for this - but facial filler has rapidly overtaken it as a non surgical procedure that can offer the same results.

But how effective are injectable dermal fillers in comparison to chin augmentation surgery? With the help of a skilled provider, jawline filler is an excellent solution to uneven chin projection, recessed chin, or other issues with the chin area. Combined with other treatments like Botox, chin augmentation fillers can help you get the jawline that you want without surgical chin augmentation.

Volume and Plump Are Just an Injection Away

Aging can take away your natural, youthful plump, but the right fillers can bring it all back in no time. Our master injectors at Evolve Med Spa are here to make you look as young and beautiful as you once did.

How Do Chin Augmentation Fillers Work?

A chin filler works by adding filler material (usually dermal filler) to your chin, which adds volume, improves the jawline, and fixes any recesses or chin dimples. Because the formulas are in a gel-like liquid form, you can mold or shape your chin contour the way you want without the need for extensive surgery.

This makes chin filler one of the most popular methods of nonsurgical chin augmentation since it's a flexible treatment option that can be adjusted easily to the result that you want. And because there are different types of injectable dermal fillers for you to choose from, you have even more versatility with your treatment.

What Are The Different Fillers I Can Choose For My Treatment?

Depending on the kind of result that you want, your provider may recommend different fillers from you to choose from:

1. Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

Brands like Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero fall under hyaluronic acid fillers, a popular option for many clients who want to try chin augmentation for the first time. By using hyaluronan, a natural ingredient found in the body, hyaluronic acid filler can help fix chin protrusions, add more volume to a weak chin, and improve the appearance of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid filler also reduces the signs of aging around the lower half of your face, particularly fine lines and wrinkles. With some work, it's also possible to apply it to sagging cheeks, which can help improve the look of the lower third of your face.

2. Collagen Filler

Collagen fillers like Sculptra use poly-l-lactic acid to increase the collagen production of your skin, which helps repair damage and add more volume. Since collagen is one of the essential building blocks for healthier skin, using it for chin augmentation can have long-term results.

Keep in mind that unlike other dermal fillers, collagen fillers can take some time to work since they don't add a supporting structure or filler material to immediately prop up the skin. On average, Sculptra treatments may take a few weeks to a month before you start seeing visible results.

3. Fat Grafting

By using liposuction to siphon off excess fat from one part of your body like the abdomen or buttocks, you can use your own fat to fill and lift your chin area. Fat grafting is one of the permanent results for chin augmentation, and there's little risk of rejection since the filler material came from your own body.

However, it's also more expensive and can be more taxing on your body compared to having filler material injected into it, and you need extensive time to recover from this cosmetic procedure.

Your provider may recommend one type of dermal filler over the rest based on the results that you want and your overall fit for the cosmetic procedure.

How About Botox?

Cosmetic injection of botox

Botox injection is another popular nonsurgical method for chin augmentation, but it does differ from dermal filler in several key ways. Notably, Botox doesn't add any filler material to your chin, but it changes your overall chin contour by reducing movement in select muscles in your face to achieve a lifting effect.

If you're looking to add more volume, Botox injections won't help at all - though there are some cases where they can be used together with dermal fillers for a more drastic improvement in your facial appearance. 

Why Use Dermal Fillers Over Surgery?

Surgery is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods of fixing a jawline and giving you the facial harmony that you want, but there are some compelling reasons why you'd want to pick dermal fillers instead:

  • Non-invasive treatment: one of the difficulties with chin augmentation surgeries is that they require incisions, stitches, and other procedures that can tax the skin, which means you need extensive recovery after one. All dermal fillers need is one injection, and you're good to go.
  • Fast application: surgeries can take hours, while dermal filler injections can be done in an afternoon. With fast application and no need for downtime, you can easily resume your normal activities after your treatment session.
  • Flexible results: careful application of dermal fillers means that you have the freedom to contour your chin the way that you want. As a gel formula, it's easy to mold your treatment to your liking without having to make significant adjustments.
  • Little risk of side effects: most dermal fillers are made with biocompatible ingredients that work well with your body. There's little risk of getting any significant side effects after treatment, and even the ones you'll be experiencing are likely to be minimal.

Plenty of people will prefer non surgical chin augmentation to surgery since it doesn't require much of them aside from routine reapplications. While the results from chin filler don't last forever, it's easy to create a routine that ensures you'll get the most benefit from their effects throughout your life.

Liquid Chin Augmentation And Dermal Filler Treatment At Evolve Med Spa

Using a chin filler injection is one of the best ways for you to get non surgical chin enhancement, but it needs to be applied by a skilled provider so you can get the jawline that you want. With the right kind of injectable filler, you can get results comparable to or even better than chin implant surgery.

Evolve Med Spa can help you get that ideal jawline with skilled and precise use of soft tissue filler. With our extensive experience with dermal filler injections, we can mold your chin contour to improve your facial appearance, get rid of a double chin, or adjust your facial contour without cosmetic surgery. Contact us today to learn more about our chin filler treatment and how it can work with your facial anatomy.

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Volume and Plump Are Just an Injection Away

Aging can take away your natural, youthful plump, but the right fillers can bring it all back in no time. Our master injectors at Evolve Med Spa are here to make you look as young and beautiful as you once did.

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