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Correcting Facial Asymmetry with Fillers

Most faces are asymmetrical in some way. Yet since the beginning of time, facial symmetry has been universally associated with the conventional ideals of attractiveness and beauty. 

Today, if you’re unhappy with certain aspects of your facial asymmetry, such as uneven lips, dermal fillers (rather than plastic surgery), can offer a great solution.

Volume and Plump Are Just an Injection Away

Aging can take away your natural, youthful plump, but the right fillers can bring it all back in no time. Our master injectors at Evolve Med Spa are here to make you look as young and beautiful as you once did.

What is Asymmetry? 

Facial asymmetry is when one half of your face does not match the other half. While faces are usually not symmetrical, some people’s faces are more asymmetrical than others.

Understanding The Power of Facial Symmetry

Why do we find symmetrical faces more attractive?

There’s actually a scientific explanation behind it, sometimes called “Evolutionary Advantage Theory.” Some scientists believe that we perceive proportional faces and bodies to be healthier.

Let’s look at nature. Many objects in the natural world are symmetrical. Take the radial symmetry of butterfly wings or a snowflake. In the natural world, asymmetry is sometimes associated with disease or illness. So whether or not it holds true, our brains associate symmetry with health and well-being.

But having symmetrical features is not something we have control over as it is primarily a result of our genetic makeup. Other than actors and runway models, most of us mere mortals are not born with perfectly symmetrical features.  

Aging also impacts facial symmetry. That’s because as we get older facial bones shrink and skin begins to sag. Perhaps one cheek is fuller than the other, or one eyebrow is higher than the other.

Dermal fillers can help achieve facial symmetry by enhancing facial contours and creating volume for beautiful results around the cheeks, lips, chin or jawline. 

Understanding Facial Symmetry

The face can be divided into three main regions:

  • The upper face (around the forehead and eyes)
  • The midface region (the cheeks and around the eyes)
  • The lower face (lips, chin and jaw)

When facial features are well balanced, the face looks harmoniously attractive. Take Bradley Cooper’s strong, defined and well-balanced jawline. Or Scarlett Johannsen’s balanced, heart-shaped face.

What Type of Asymmetry Can Be Fixed With Facial Fillers?

By restoring lost volume or creating full, strong contours with facial fillers, you can achieve a more youthful look and improve symmetry overall.

Injectables are commonly used to correct asymmetry and for overall facial rejuvenation in the following areas:


As you age, the cheeks may flatten and the skin may begin to sag. This is caused by natural loss of volume in the cheek area, or what the experts call age-related midface volume loss. Juvederm® and other similar products made from hyaluronic acid are designed to add volume beneath the skin's surface, which provides lift and contour to the cheek area.

If your cheeks are uneven or asymmetrical, your provider can add more filler into one cheek over the other to create balance.


An attractive face is associated with strong contours in the lower region.  To address a weak chin or sagging jawline, Restylane® Contour, one of the latest FDA-approved members of the Restylane family of hyaluronic acid (HA) injectables, works wonders. Unlike other products on the market, Restylane Contour’s smooth gel consistency restores volume and also moves with your facial expressions in a natural way for a subtler correction. Results can last up to one year.


Full, even lips have set the standard for an attractive smile throughout the ages. But for various reasons, many of us have thin, uneven lips. Lips can be uneven from top versus bottom, or one side versus the other. 

Lip filler is a great option to adjust the dimension of your lips. If one side is lacking shape, lip filler can be used to create a shapely look to match the other side. You can also use lip filler to plump up lips as well create facial symmetry. 

The top lip fillers on the market today are also hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers. They typically last 12 to 18 months.


The neurotoxin Botox® can improve the position and appearance of eyebrows that are not in line with one another. Botox® can be used to either lift the lower brow or lower the higher brow so they sit evenly across from each other. Depending on the desired look, Botox injections can help pull the lower brow down or pull the higher brow up.

When it comes to refreshing the upper facial region, Botox can also soften and diminish facial wrinkles such as forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Results can last up to 6 months.

Achieve Facial Symmetry at Evolve Med Spa

Dermal filler injection at Evolve Med Spa

Fillers should only be injected by a qualified practitioner to ensure the results are not only beautiful, but safe and long lasting. Evolve Med Spa uses Advanced Practice Providers for our injectable treatments. Our team of Medical Experts will customize the best treatment for you. We look forward to helping you achieve your most beautiful, balanced appearance. 

Volume and Plump Are Just an Injection Away

Aging can take away your natural, youthful plump, but the right fillers can bring it all back in no time. Our master injectors at Evolve Med Spa are here to make you look as young and beautiful as you once did.

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