Dysport NJ Treatments at Evolve Med Spa

Dysport NJ Treatments at Evolve Med Spa

Restore Your Youthful Glow with Dysport NJ

Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, glabellar lines, and nasolabial folds – these are only some of the most dreaded signs of aging. They make a person look tired, grumpy, and much older than their actual age. Since anti-aging skincare products only do so much for erasing unwanted facial lines, it’s better to get a Dysport treatment for visible and long-lasting results.

So how does a Dysport injection work for wrinkle treatment? Dysport is a brand of botulinum toxin injection derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It works in the same way as a Botox cosmetic injection – it erases a dynamic wrinkle in the injection site by preventing muscle contraction of the overused facial muscles.

Get the best results and an exceptional med spa experience in New Jersey at Evolve Med Spa now. Our highly trained injectors use medical-grade tools and the best needle techniques to deliver the right amount of Dysport for a naturally youthful look.

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How Dysport Can Be Used

Aside from being an effective wrinkle-reducing treatment, regular Dysport injections are also used for other conditions like:

  • Non-surgical Eyebrow Lift – The injectable neurotoxin is administered into the muscles around the eyebrow to give it a slight lift. The injection site is decided after considering the client's facial anatomy.
  • Excessive Sweating – Dysport works by blocking the nerve signals in the sweat glands. The neurotoxin is injected just below the surface of the skin using a tiny needle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dysport

Q: What’s the difference between Dysport and Botox?

A: Dysport and Botox injections have the same active ingredient that relaxes the muscles in the treated area for a younger-looking appearance. But the main difference between these injectables is that Dysport is more diluted than Botox. This makes one injectable more effective for some areas of the face than the other.

Q: Is Dysport a dermal filler?

A: Although Dysport and wrinkle filler injections are both used for treating facial lines and wrinkles, they have different ways of doing so. A hyaluronic acid injectable filler like Restylane and other filler brands erase static wrinkles by restoring the lost facial volume, while Dysport relaxes the untreated facial muscles underneath the dynamic wrinkles.

Q: How long does Dysport last?

A: Dysport is a quick and effective treatment that works for the nasolabial fold, forehead, and other areas of the face. The entire procedure only takes less than 30 minutes, but the results only start showing a few days after the treatment. Clients may enjoy a younger-looking appearance for 3 to 4 months, but they’re encouraged to return to the medspa once the neurotoxin starts wearing off.

Is Dysport the Right Pick For You?

While Dysport is a great facial rejuvenation treatment, it might not be the best procedure for everyone. You’re qualified for a Dysport treatment if:

You have realistic expectations about the treatment: Since Dysport is a non-surgical procedure, it doesn’t offer the same dramatic results that plastic surgery does. This injectable neurotoxin only treats wrinkles caused by the overused facial muscles, so it won’t work on deep wrinkles that are caused by sagging skin.

Expert Dysport Treatments and Client-Centered Care by Evolve Med Spa

Evolve Med Spa is a trusted center when it comes to safe and effective Dysport injections and other non-surgical treatments for the face and body. All of our services are performed by our expert staff inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure each client's comfort and safety at all times.

Here at Evolve Med Spa, we’re dedicated to providing the care and treatment that our clients deserve to help them regain their confidence and enhance their appearance. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation with one of the top cosmetic experts in the state.