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Evolve With Your Middlesex, NJ Med Spa

Evolve Med Spa: Innovative Aesthetic Treatments for a Unique Experience

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Experience accessible esthetic treatments that can transform the way you look and feel. At Evolve Med Spa, our team of skilled providers has mastered the art and science of minimally-invasive beauty treatments that result in a better, more confident you. Book an appointment online or call us today to schedule your consultation.  

Customized Esthetic Treatment Plans For Your Beauty Goals

At Evolve Med Spa, we personalize treatment plans for each client. Everyone has their own ideal goals of what they want to look like, and we develop effective treatment plans to help you achieve these goals. Our transformative esthetic treatments use the latest practices and equipment to help you achieve your desired look without the need for invasive treatments that involve longer downtime periods. 

Our team of skilled providers can bring out your natural beauty through our various esthetic treatments. Whether it’s anti-aging solutions to rejuvenate your appearance, promote healthier skin, or restructure areas in your body for a better appearance, we can help you achieve these goals. Book your appointment with us today to see transformative results that bring out your best features. 

Your Trusted Med Spa Near Middlesex, NJ

Evolve Your Beauty: Med Spa near Middlesex, NJ

Middlesex is a quiet community located near the heart of Raritan County, with plenty of public schools that offer a diverse set of learning experiences for any child growing up in the town. With a close-knit and very involved community, this area has seen plenty of visitors and residents looking for a quiet place to start families of their own.

Evolve Med Spa strongly believes in making beauty accessible to everyone – which is why Middlesex residents can always enjoy our advanced aesthetic treatments and other cosmetic products at our medspa. With an emphasis on non-invasive methods of treatment, we’re able to bring you close to your desired aesthetic goals without the need for invasive treatments.

Your Med Spa For Minimally-Invasive Beauty Treatments: Our Signature Services


Botulinum toxin injections like Botox are one of our most popular services for clients looking to treat signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and other facial creases. This injection relaxes your facial muscles and reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the sides of the nose, forehead, chin, lip, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows. Our providers can also administer Botox for certain conditions like hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).


We provide several types of facial treatments that can treat specific problems like aging, dullness, dry skin, and more. Some of our facial treatments include DiamondGlow hydrafacials, dermaplaning, and skincare consults. We also stock medical-grade skincare products from SkinMedica.

Lip Enhancement

Restore plumpness, sculpt your lips, or improve your lips’ collagen production for naturally healthier and plumper lips. Our hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers increase volume while also giving your lips a healthy collagen boost to keep them moist and full. With our master injectors’ years of experience and skilled techniques in administering lip fillers, you can get natural-looking plump and luscious lips.

Wrinkle Relaxers | Microneedling | Diamond Glow Facial | PRP | Kybella for Double Chin | Fat Reduction | Skin Tightening | Cellulite Reduction | Muscle Toning | Botox For Excessive Sweating | Sculptra Butt Lift | Signature Facial | Deep Pore Facial | Express Facial | Dermaplaning | Chemical Peel | LED light therapy

Find Your True Beauty With Evolve

Our beauty experts at Evolve Med Spa are ready to help you achieve your beauty goals. Book your appointment with Evolve today.

Why Choose Evolve?

We Put Our Clients First

At Evolve Med Spa, our clients’ goals come first. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction and want to provide you with a successful and comfortable experience. To do this, we provide world-class service and high-quality treatments. We’ve successfully provided this time and time again, which is why our loyal clients come back to us for additional treatments to achieve their desired look.

Personalized Treatments:

Each client has their own needs and desired appearance, and a one treatment plan for all isn’t going to provide the same results or make our clients happy. With Evolve Med Spa, our providers offer personalized and customized medical and cosmetic treatments designed to target the problem areas you want to treat. Let our talented providers recommend the right treatment to best give you the natural, youthful glow you can achieve. 

Master Providers:

At Evolve Med Spa, our clients are handled by the best in New Jersey. Our elite team of professionals can provide you with the aesthetic treatments you need to reach your beauty goals without resorting to more invasive treatments like plastic surgery. Not only does this mean a more comfortable experience in our med spa, but it also means less downtime hindering your ability to live your best life. 

Say Goodbye To Your Skin Concerns

Let Evolve help you achieve your ideal beauty. Experience some of the best med spa treatments and services on the market today: book your appointment now.

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Revolutionary Beauty With Evolve Med Spa

See for yourself why many of our clients come back to receive comprehensive treatment plans to achieve and maintain their desired appearance. With our facilities, products, techniques, and the talent to back it up, Evolve Med Spa promises no less than elite-levels of beauty treatments that can transform the way you see yourself. Schedule your consultation with our team today. 

We offer the following services near Middlesex, NJ

At Evolve Med Spa, all our locations and teams utilize the most advanced and effective med spa services on the market. Our staff are equipped with the right training and technology to properly provide world-class treatments, such as:

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a highly effective treatment to reduce sagging skin, extra body fat, and improve overall body shape and accentuate your features.

    Body Contouring near Middlesex, NJ


    Unwanted wrinkles and fine lines eventually plague us all, with aging, sun damage, and other factors leading to these lines on all of our faces over time.

      Botox near Middlesex, NJ

      Cellulite Treatment

      Cellulite reduction is an in-demand cosmetic treatment today and for a good reason - it’s safe, quick, and guaranteed to work for almost anyone who is bothered by skin dimpling in on their body.

        Cellulite Treatment near Middlesex, NJ

        Chemical Peels

        Chemical peels have been one of the most reliable cosmetic procedures done for skin care, but people often think of them only as a way to remove dead skin cells.

          Chemical Peels near Middlesex, NJ


          Despite following a strict diet plan and rigorous exercise routine, it is very common for our bodies to have areas of fatty tissue that just do not seem to go away no matter how hard and dedicated we work with our weight loss program.

            CoolSculpting near Middlesex, NJ

            Cosmetic Tattoo And Permanent Makeup

            Cosmetics products help to highlight features and correct any skin blemishes and imperfections on the face. But the thing is, most women lead busy lives which leaves them with little to no time to apply their own makeup.

              Cosmetic Tattoo And Permanent Makeup near Middlesex, NJ

              Dermal Fillers

              Facial volume loss makes a person look tired and older than their actual age. This happens when the body produces less collagen. It’s also a result of the shift in the fat distribution around the face.

                Dermal Fillers near Middlesex, NJ


                Dermaplaning is similar to other exfoliation processes like a chemical peel or dermabrasion where the outer layer of skin is removed to encourage renewed skin growth and to remove dead skin cells.

                  Dermaplaning near Middlesex, NJ

                  DiamondGlow Facial

                  So how does Diamond Glow facial work in renewing the skin? This revolutionary treatment utilizes 3-in-1 technology to produce the best results. The special exfoliation device removes dead skin cells in the outer layer of the damaged skin first.

                    DiamondGlow Facial near Middlesex, NJ


                    So how does a Dysport injection work for wrinkle treatment? Dysport is a brand of botulinum toxin injection derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

                      Dysport near Middlesex, NJ

                      EmSculpt NEO

                      EmSculpt NEO is a revolutionary fat reduction and muscle strengthening treatment that uses radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to burn fat and stimulate muscle growth. With this treatment, you can see significant muscle mass improvement and fat elimination without the risks and downtime associated with surgery.

                        EmSculpt NEO near Middlesex, NJ


                        Facials are usually done in a salon, along with waxing and other beauty treatments. But facials are also considered a medical and day spa treatment since they’re used for improving general skin health and treating specific skin conditions like acne or uneven skin tone.

                          Facials near Middlesex, NJ

                          Hair Restoration

                          All hair restoration services must include a thorough and accurate assessment of a person’s scalp beforehand so that a professional can create a custom plan that offers the best results possible.

                            Hair Restoration near Middlesex, NJ

                            IPL Photofacial

                            IPL photofacial is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments today for a good reason – it’s a highly effective light-based treatment that works for clients who want to get rid of brown spots, sun spots, rosacea, freckles, hyperpigmentation, and more.

                              IPL Photofacial near Middlesex, NJ


                              Juvederm is one of the most requested cosmetic injections today for a good reason – it’s a highly effective facial rejuvenation treatment that works for anyone who wants to get rid of laugh lines and more.

                                Juvederm near Middlesex, NJ


                                Double chin is a common condition that happens when there’s a layer of excess fat under the chin. It’s often associated with weight gain, but almost everyone develops a double chin because of different factors like aging, genetics, or others.

                                  Kybella near Middlesex, NJ

                                  Laser Hair Removal

                                  Laser hair removal is one of the effective non-invasive treatments for permanent hair reduction in areas like the legs, underarm, face, upper lip, chin, and bikini area.

                                    Laser Hair Removal near Middlesex, NJ

                                    Lip Fillers

                                    Millions of people every year choose to have a lip filler procedure to increase the size and volume of their lips. You might want to change the look of your lips for many reasons such as restoring a more youthful lip size.

                                      Lip Fillers near Middlesex, NJ


                                      What do you get when you trust Evolve Med Spa for your microneedling treatment? Oh, just brighter-looking skin that has small pores, bouncy firmness, and an irresistible glow.

                                        Microneedling near Middlesex, NJ

                                        Microneedling with PRP

                                        Everyone wants beautiful skin and Platelet rich plasma (PRP) can give you just that. PRP is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold” for its restorative properties.

                                          Microneedling with PRP near Middlesex, NJ

                                          Morpheus8 RF

                                          Morpheus8 RF Microneedling is one of the most requested aesthetic procedures today for a good reason – it’s a highly effective microneedling RF treatment that works for clients who want to solve skin problems such as: fine lines, acne scarring, tone, texture, stretch marks and more.

                                            Morpheus8 RF near Middlesex, NJ

                                            Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatments

                                            In recent years, the Brazilian Butt Lift has become one of the most popular aesthetic enhancement procedures on the market. However, many clients simply aren't ready for invasive surgical measures.

                                              Non-Surgical Butt Lift Treatments near Middlesex, NJ

                                              PRP Hair

                                              So how does Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy help restore hair growth? This hair loss treatment uses your own blood to deliver growth factors into areas with thinning hair.

                                                PRP Hair near Middlesex, NJ


                                                About 90% of women have cellulite in different parts of their body, like the buttocks and thighs. While this condition is both normal and harmless, many women still seek different treatments to eliminate stubborn cellulite and achieve smooth skin.

                                                  QWO near Middlesex, NJ


                                                  So how exactly does Radiesse replenish the facial volume and erase deep wrinkles? Radiesse fillers are revolutionary injectables that utilize calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a water-based gel.

                                                    Radiesse near Middlesex, NJ


                                                    So how do Restylane dermal filler injections reduce the appearance of fine lines around the face? Restylane gel is a popular hyaluronic acid dermal filler that instantly restores the lost facial volume in the treatment area to erase deep wrinkles, folds, and creases.

                                                      Restylane near Middlesex, NJ

                                                      Restylane Kysse

                                                      So how does Restylane Kysse work to give clients the lip fullness they want? Restylane Kysse is a lip injectable created by the makers of the popular line of facial filler injections.

                                                        Restylane Kysse near Middlesex, NJ


                                                        So how does Sculptra work in restoring the skin’s youthful glow? Sculptra aesthetic injection is a safe biocompatible facial filler made of Poly L Lactic Acid, the same material used for dissolvable stitches.

                                                          Sculptra near Middlesex, NJ


                                                          Juvederm Voluma injectable gel is one of the most requested injectable treatments today for a good reason – it’s a highly effective facial filler that works for anyone who wants to restore cheek volume and get rid of deep nasolabial folds and severe wrinkles.

                                                            Voluma near Middlesex, NJ

                                                            Conditions We Treat near Middlesex, NJ

                                                            We treat a number of the most common beauty issues and concerns, from acne scars to loose skin. Look through our wide range of treatable conditions and issues below, and let us know today how we can help.

                                                            Acne Scars

                                                            Acne scarring is a skin condition that leaves visible scars after acne has resolved.

                                                              Acne Scars near Middlesex, NJ

                                                              Age Spots

                                                              Also known as sunspots, typically present as oval shaped tan/brown spots in areas with prolonged sun exposure such as face, chest, back and hands.

                                                                Age Spots near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                Bra Fat

                                                                Stubborn fat pockets that bulge around the “bra line”. Typically present in people even at an ideal weight and resistant to diet and exercise.

                                                                  Bra Fat near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                  Bunny Lines

                                                                  Small diagonal wrinkles on the side of the nose that appear when smiling or laughing.

                                                                    Bunny Lines near Middlesex, NJ


                                                                    Skin dimpling or orange-peel appearance usually presenting in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen more typical in women.

                                                                      Cellulite near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                      Crow’s Feet

                                                                      Wrinkles that develop at the outer corners of the eye as we age as a result of facial expression, loss of collagen and elastin as well as thinning of the skin.

                                                                        Crow’s Feet near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                        Diastasis Recti

                                                                        Partial or complete separation of the abdominal muscles usually due to pregnancy.

                                                                          Diastasis Recti near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                          Double Chin

                                                                          Stubborn fat pocket below the chin that can be genetic or related to ageing and weight gain.

                                                                            Double Chin near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                            Enlarged Pores

                                                                            Pores are tiny openings on the surface of your skin that release sweat and oil.

                                                                              Enlarged Pores near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                              Face Volume Loss

                                                                              Ageing results in thinning skin, loss of deep fat pads of the face as well as bone loss.

                                                                                Face Volume Loss near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                Facial Asymmetry

                                                                                Disruption in the balance of facial features. Almost everyone is asymmetric to some degree bilaterally, this can be improved with appropriate volumization of tissue or harmonization of the facial muscles.

                                                                                  Facial Asymmetry near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                  Facial Slimming

                                                                                  The shape of the face can sometimes be related to the size of the masseter muscles that are on the bottom corner of the jawline.

                                                                                    Facial Slimming near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                    Fine Lines

                                                                                    As you age, collagen production decreases and results in loss of skin elasticity causing the skin to have fine lines, crinkled or thinning appearance.

                                                                                      Fine Lines near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                      Frown Lines/11’s

                                                                                      Acne scarring is a skin condition that leaves visible scars after acne has resolved. There are several types of acne scars, each of which can be treated differently.

                                                                                        Frown Lines/11’s near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                        Hair Loss/Thinning

                                                                                        Hair loss or thinning hair can be a normal part of ageing for both men and women.

                                                                                          Hair Loss/Thinning near Middlesex, NJ


                                                                                          Hyperpigmentation is a condition where parts of the skin are darkened or discolored. It occurs when the skin produces more melanin, which is the pigment that creates skin color.

                                                                                            Hyperpigmentation near Middlesex, NJ


                                                                                            Sagging skin that develops below the chin and jawline due to overall facial volume loss and laxity.

                                                                                              Jowls near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                              Lack of Muscle Definition

                                                                                              Loss of physical activity, ageing and reduced mobility can lead to reduced muscle tone.

                                                                                                Lack of Muscle Definition near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                Lip Volume Loss

                                                                                                Ageing results in loss of collagen and elastin as well as fat tissue in the lips. This thins the lip tissue and dehydrates it as well as shrinks the tissue causing a raisin-like appearance.

                                                                                                  Lip Volume Loss near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                  Loose Skin

                                                                                                  Results from a loss of collagen and elastin as we age, weight changes and pregnancy.

                                                                                                    Loose Skin near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                    Loss of Skin Elasticity

                                                                                                    As you age collagen production decreases and results in loss of skin elasticity causing a sagging, crinkled or thinning appearance.

                                                                                                      Loss of Skin Elasticity near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                      Marionette Lines

                                                                                                      Lines that develop from the corner of the lips to the chin causing a pouting or puppet-like appearance from repeated facial expression, volume loss and descension of superficial fat pads.

                                                                                                        Marionette Lines near Middlesex, NJ


                                                                                                        Melasma is a pigmentation disorder that causes patches of darkened or discolored skin.

                                                                                                          Melasma near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                          Platysmal Bands

                                                                                                          Acne scarring is a skin condition that leaves visible scars after acne has resolved.

                                                                                                            Platysmal Bands near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                            Reduced Muscle Tone

                                                                                                            Loss of physical activity, ageing and reduced mobility can lead to reduced muscle tone.

                                                                                                              Reduced Muscle Tone near Middlesex, NJ


                                                                                                              Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes redness, inflammation and dilated blood vessels causing a flushed appearance of the face.

                                                                                                                Rosacea near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                Sagging Skin

                                                                                                                Results from a loss of collagen and elastin as we age, weight changes and pregnancy.

                                                                                                                  Sagging Skin near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                  Smokers Lines/Lip Lines

                                                                                                                  Fine lines and wrinkles develop around the mouth area as we age due to smoking, drinking from straws and most commonly everyday facial expressions.

                                                                                                                    Smokers Lines/Lip Lines near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                    Stretch Marks

                                                                                                                    Scarring, thinning and hypopigmentation that develops as a result of the rapid growth of the body.

                                                                                                                      Stretch Marks near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                      Sun Damage

                                                                                                                      Sun damage is a very common skin disorder that is caused by overexposure to sun.

                                                                                                                        Sun Damage near Middlesex, NJ


                                                                                                                        Abnormally excessive sweating not related to heat or exercise. Hyperhidrosis typically presents in the underarms, hands and feet.

                                                                                                                          Sweating/Hyperhidrosis near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                          Thinning/Sparse Lashes

                                                                                                                          Ageing causes lashes to become thinner, sparser and lighter.

                                                                                                                            Thinning/Sparse Lashes near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                            TMJ, Teeth Clenching/Grinding

                                                                                                                            The shape of the face can sometimes be related to the size of the masseter muscles that are on the bottom corner of the jawline.

                                                                                                                              TMJ, Teeth Clenching/Grinding near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                              Undereye Bags/Hollows

                                                                                                                              Thinning skin, weakening muscles, and shifting fat pads all contribute to the appearance of undereye issues. This typically requires a treatment plan addressing all of these issues for best results.

                                                                                                                                Undereye Bags/Hollows near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                                Unwanted Fat

                                                                                                                                Target areas such as sides, abdominal region, under the chin, butt and legs often leave stubborn, unwanted fat deposits that can increase as we age or gain weight.

                                                                                                                                  Unwanted Fat near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                                  Weak Jawline

                                                                                                                                  Poorly defined, soft and rounded or recessed features are all qualities that relate to a weak jawline.

                                                                                                                                    Weak Jawline near Middlesex, NJ

                                                                                                                                    Workout Plateau

                                                                                                                                    When people work out consistently, although they are in great shape, sometimes they can “plateau”. Workout plateau happens when your body becomes accustomed to your workout.

                                                                                                                                      Workout Plateau near Middlesex, NJ


                                                                                                                                      Folds, creases or lines that develop over time due to repeated muscle contraction, sun exposure, sleeping position and smoking.

                                                                                                                                        Wrinkles near Middlesex, NJ
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