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Optimal Timing for Treatments Before Your Trip | Evolve’s Skincare Checklist

Planning a trip? Remember to schedule your regular Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau treatment 2-4 weeks before you depart for photo ready results.  

While tox is minimally invasive, some clients might experience mild swelling and bruising. Scheduling a treatment a few weeks before take-off allows skin time to heal and full results to take effect. If needed, this also gives time for you to squeeze in a touch-up. 

Beyond Wrinkle Reduction: Botox for Excessive Sweating and Odor Control

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Wear what you want, in any weather. Botox and other wrinkle relaxers can be used for more than just reducing wrinkles. Underarm tox is clinically proven to reduce excessive sweating, also known as Hyperhidrosis. When injected under the arms, the product works to block the messages that tell sweat glands to secrete sweat. Injections have been shown to decrease perspiration by up to 87%, with results lasting 3-6 months. 

DID YOU KNOW? Evolve’s Unapologetically You Pore Refining toner is not just for the face. When applied to underarms after showering and before applying deodorant this toner can help reduce odor and keep you smelling fresh all day. Our soothing, skin refining toner penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt and brighten the underarm skin. Salicylic Acid 2% sloughs away dead skin cells and controls excess oil, while activated Papaya Enzymes work hard to control odor. 

Female client at Evolve Med Spa receiving underarm botox treatment to reduce excessive sweating

Maintain Your Skincare Routine On the Go with Evolve Med Spa's Unapologetically You Skincare Line

Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you have to forgo your skincare routine. For luxury skincare products that deliver real results, Evolve Med Spa's Unapologetically You skincare line offers medical-grade products that are rich in results, not in cost. These superior, technology-based formulas contain highly-concentrated active ingredients to improve skin’s overall health and appearance. Whether you’re looking to tame acne, prevent signs of aging or brighten your complexion - the Unapologetically You skincare line has something for everyone.  

TIP: Ask your Evolve Med Spa team for trial size products! These mini versions are perfect to toss in your bag and are TSA friendly. 

 Evolve Med Spa’s Unapologetically You Skincare Line in full size and travel size on a table

Essential Summer Skincare: SPF is a MUST!

Protect your “skinvestment” with everyone’s summer must-have… SPF! Evolve’s Skin Protect is the newest water-resistant moisturizing sunscreen base and universal sheer tint that complements most skin types. Skin Protect has an SPF 44, Zinc Oxide 10% and Titanium Dioxide 5.5% to provide protection against UVA-aging and UVB-burning rays. BONUS: This mineral based formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin looking plump and hydrated. 

Evolve’s Skin Protect SPF + HA helping protect client’s skin from the sun damage on the beach

Hydrate Your Skin for a Makeup-Free Vacation Glow

Schedule your DiamondGlow or HydraFacial 2-3 days prior to your trip for the perfect radiant, glow on the go results. These treatments provide deep exfoliation and drench skin with hydrating serums. Smooth, dewy, skin = less makeup needed!  

Now that you’ve booked your vacation, be sure to book your next appointment at your nearest Evolve Med Spa, awarded one of the Best Med Spas in New Jersey and Best Botox and Facials in Hoboken, Jersey City and Montclair. 

Plan your skincare journey before your trip!

Book your appointment at Evolve Med Spa and get ready to glow on your vacation.

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